"STYLE is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak" (Coco Chanel)"


Some things you should know about "me"
Hi, my name is Ellen and I am an 18 years old fashion blogger from Moldova. I am inlove with fashion since I was little, and I hope I will improve fashion ideas among teen girls and not only…

I am always having fun and I will never stop because life is an adventure for me. I like to discover new things everyday!!! I am a great dreamer and I always believe in wonders...
My favourite words are: Vuitton, Milano, couture, fashion, Paris, fabulous, Chanel, Romantic, shine, star, podium and spectacular and all aspects related thereto.
I prefer to feel like a Queen, but never forget that I am Cinderella
I like enormously the art of photography!!!

I will be more than happy if I will help you with something.

I get ispirations from my favourite stars such as:
Angelina Jolie
Tyra Banks
Kate Moss
Penelope Cruz
Monica Bellucci
 My childhood star-lovers -Marry Kate and Ashley Olsen


                                        Monte Carlo
                                        The notebook
                                        Vampire Diaries
                                    The Devil wears Prada
                                         This means war
                                     Everyone has a limit enough
                                              Black swan
                                     Breakfast at tiffany’s
             The closest movie to my heart – Cinderella Story


                                        Jennifer Lopez
                                         Rita Ora
                                        Celine Dion
                                        Whitney Huston
                                         Gwen Stefani
                                        Michhael Jackson
                                        LIFE STYLE

I like very much sweets,mmmm Delicious...and I eat whatever I like at what time I want... I’m very Energic person with an awesome smile who sometimes laughs too much I like green colour....and through this colour I see how intersting world is everyday.. But I remained to be a little angel who knows all about laws, love and fashion