"STYLE is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak" (Coco Chanel)"


This style is going to be a little bit different than usual, but new is always good isn't it? 
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            For beautiful and glamorous photos thanks to Gheorghe Andronic             (

Bonsoir filles,

Everything started with a harmless union suit.  I'm pretty much obsessed on it’s deep black and wide style. I bought it from Spain and since then I wear it with a great pleasure because it is one of the most comfortable coat I ever dressed!
I look like a woman from the high society and this hat makes me much more intriguing.
Chic style is one of my favorites and if I ever have to have anything to do with design,  I will design chic clothes for true!
Pictures are speaking for themselves, let’s watch my new outfit. I hope you will enjoy it!
                                                                                                                With pleasure Hellen
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Beauty nr#1

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.
 Remember my dear that Beauty and femininity are ageless and can't be contrived.
I made these pictures with one of the most talented girl in the world who have a really skilled hands! A genius who knows how to embody "beauty". These amazing goods are Made by Anni Rusu!
Thankyou Anni for these tremendous photos.
                                                                     Enjoy beauty with myself
                                                                                 With love Hellen!</

Anni's Contact:
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Only Flowers

I want to start this post with telling you about my passion for flowers! At my lovely home I have a beautiful garden designed by myself. Since I was little I liked to talk to flowers. I used to have a various type of species of flowers, I liked to get up early in the morning  and see how are my darling blossoms flourishing. I was so happy then, because I was  bathed in sunlight and in the morning dew, carefree, thoughtless, just like a sweet child who greatly loved flowers.
Well, it’s enough about my childhood J This outfit is so florid. I like it enormously, even I say that it caches your eyes!
These pictures I made are so grassy, full of emotions, sun and of big cheerfulness. I wanted the photos to look like a story, because the place where I posed was truly from fairytale!
                    See you soon ..                                                              
                                                          Xoxo Hellen
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     Heya my lady birds! :)

when summer is comming, it becomes easier to shoot when outside the sun is shining bright like a diamond.
 I am more than happy to present new style inspiration this week, and some colorful shots.
 This  Promod sweater I have bought in Milan, when I saw it hanging on a mannequin I immediately thought that it would combine perfect with my unusual shorts!!:) As for my shorts, they are one of my masterpieces, and my own designJ. Once I started to work on them probably coming out from a joke, but I was merely surprised when seeing this gorgeous result! I hope you like it!
How about colors? neon accessories can be an effective addition to your wardrobe, so it was the same in my case, because this shorts ask for something according to their crazy style!!
This outfit is more edgy than the usual ones I'm publishing, although I love dressing up girly I also have days when I love being more of the "rock 'n roll girl".
                                                                               See you soon… Your Hellena!

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Valentino Skirt

Hello my jewels, 
This May month is going to be pretty busy for me because in the end four exams are waiting for me..brrr it’s frightening.. but like I told initially, I can not live without new outfits
So,this Valentino skirt is one of my favourite ones ,starting with it’s amazing colour ,it’s smoothy texture and eventually, from my point of view, I look well dressed.
This  retro style of Gucci shoes makes me a little bit different  than I am always looking, but I like them so much!
 Shoeeess !!! This is another thing that I love so much  and actually it is a guilty pleasure.
I think that I am  really crazy about beautiful and various shoes. The result of this sickness is a house with all closets full of footwear:).
Since I was little I noticed my big love for shoes. My dolls had several pairs of shoes than clothes! I think the problem is that  I've grew in an environment where shoes have a high importance in daily life. I am super excited to talk to you about this thing but I have to do a lot of things today! See you soon.

                                                                  A lot of kisses from yours Hellena! Muah*

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Tropical Cocktail

You are welcome my friend,
It’s all about my old love for long skirts, while it’s became a must-have in my wardrobe!
I love the current great weather, I feel myself better when it's hot and when the sun plays on my face, and most importantly on my outfit!:).  Also you can see that my shirt reminds you some tropical memories, summer days, or Hawaii beach.:) I was dressed like this at one of my friend’s birthday ,which was held in one beautiful restaurant.They have met me with a curious glance, this was because they are used to see me dressed according to different styles for example disco J (glitter, sequins, beads)
Periodically, I like to surprise people,with new style of clothes or hairdo and other accessories. Other details I will tell you late. Hope you’ll like it !!!
                                                                                     I shall see you again soon!
                                                                                        With passion your Hellena.

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It is still Spring

     Hello my sweethearts,
When I first saw this dress I completely loved it for it’s simple lines and because it gave me a     sensation that I can combine it with this colourful shirt. Ultimately I received a perfect look,  for daily use or for some important occasions!
Outside it  is an enormous heat, that I can say it is officially summer. We will benefit on long sunny days, colourful clothes, cheerfulness will be present in our interesting life.
                        I wish you had the best summer you ever had!!  

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Hellen's Fashion World: Valentino Skirt

Hellen's Fashion World: Valentino Skirt:        
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Mango Jacket

I want to show you a casual look!
This jacket from Mango is my new love and I wanted to match it with a splendid blouse from Luisa Spagnoli.
I embellished it with an unusual jewel, from my point of view, which made it tremendous! This handbag is the right accessory for this outfit, because it fits very well with my boots.
Milan city streets met me with great warmth and through my sunglasses from Six I saw how people look at me with an extremely interest glance!
This day I succeeded to impress a lot o people and this is very important for me! This thing makes me stronger and more proud of what I do!

with big love Hellen !!!

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Milano mi ama !

        Milano..un bel paese..meraviglioso ..con una grande e interessante storia...
Mi piace maggiormente cathedrala Duomo..Un Miracolo soprannaturale..!!
On spring days I made a walk to see (I don't know for how many times) my favorite place in Milan "Piazza Duomo". When I’m still there, all the surroundings thrill me mostly!!!
Not mentioning about Ice cream *(gelatto) which is prepared there. It is only me who knows where is one of the best Ice cream in Milano. Later I promise I will open this secret, but only for those who will be really interested !!!

Coco Hellen...:) you know why?! because I, still, love enormously hats! For those sunless days I choose comfortable clothes but at the same time good-looking!!!
I think that gloomy time should not block the way to have a perfect look for the day!!!
I had a pleasant trip, and now just memories are pasing in my mind!!!
Enjoy Milano with my photos dear friends!!!

Sincerely yours and with a great love Elenia*(my name in italian lanuguage)

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Into Blue Trends


"Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live." — Gianni Versace.
...really true words!
During my spring vacation I found myself interested in legal sciences, perhaps it is because soon I finish 12 th class and I’m thinking too much on what way to go further.
My mother always said: „You may become a very good lawyer”, and that is because I always find solutions and get out of any troubles, taking others who need my help, alsoL.

Today I will show you a very special and trendy business women. This is because I like very much this kind of style and I think that every women is awesome when is dressed for business.

I tried to show something seriously special –  bussiness lady, but at the same time with nicely colors. I found this colors very intersting for all spring looks, but mainly for me. My dark hair goes well with this nice blue, not to mention my greenest eyes! And here I don't want to seem a non modest girl :)
I love very much these trousers and I think soon my wardrobe will be full of these special, for me, trousers.
"I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence."

see you soon..

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In less than No Time

Hello my dears!!!

I made up this outfit in about 10 minutes before leaving the house...but I'm wondering how good it was!!
For example if I start to stare at every piece of my cholthes, it becomes frightening, because at the end I sit down and say with a loud voice: I don't have anything to wear this day! Once, my sister heard me and began to laugh...saying: „Yes, you are the poorest girl in the world! Since then, I learned how to choose one of the best outfit )) in 10 minutes!!))
I wore a Zara outfit (blouse and skirt) this thing from my neck it's a very trendy neckband made by my friend *(Ana Rusu). She makes really beautiful pieces of fashion-art with her own hands! Thanks to Ana!!!
These pretty boots I bought from Milano's relevant street - Buenos Aires. When I entered in a shop these boots have suddenly jumped into my eyes.
This kind of skirt makes my body better with sexy legs!! and I’m loving it!
I convinced that this look is perfect for me and for billions ladies from this world!

                                                                                                              with love Hellen!!!

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