"STYLE is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak" (Coco Chanel)"

In less than No Time

Hello my dears!!!

I made up this outfit in about 10 minutes before leaving the house...but I'm wondering how good it was!!
For example if I start to stare at every piece of my cholthes, it becomes frightening, because at the end I sit down and say with a loud voice: I don't have anything to wear this day! Once, my sister heard me and began to laugh...saying: „Yes, you are the poorest girl in the world! Since then, I learned how to choose one of the best outfit )) in 10 minutes!!))
I wore a Zara outfit (blouse and skirt) this thing from my neck it's a very trendy neckband made by my friend *(Ana Rusu). She makes really beautiful pieces of fashion-art with her own hands! Thanks to Ana!!!
These pretty boots I bought from Milano's relevant street - Buenos Aires. When I entered in a shop these boots have suddenly jumped into my eyes.
This kind of skirt makes my body better with sexy legs!! and I’m loving it!
I convinced that this look is perfect for me and for billions ladies from this world!

                                                                                                              with love Hellen!!!


 Zara skirt and blouse
Pierre Cardin clutch bag
Colours&Beauty belt
Ana Rusu necklace
H&M accessories
Cenerentola shoes