"STYLE is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak" (Coco Chanel)"

Milano mi ama !

Milano..un bel paese..meraviglioso ..con una grande e interessante storia...
Mi piace maggiormente cathedrala Duomo..Un Miracolo soprannaturale..!!
On spring days I made a walk to see (I don't know for how many times) my favorite place in Milan "Piazza Duomo". When I’m still there, all the surroundings thrill me mostly!!!
Not mentioning about Ice cream *(gelatto) which is prepared there. It is only me who knows where is one of the best Ice cream in Milano. Later I promise I will open this secret, but only for those who will be really interested !!!

Coco Hellen...:) you know why?! because I, still, love enormously hats! For those sunless days I choose comfortable clothes but at the same time good-looking!!!
I think that gloomy time should not block the way to have a perfect look for the day!!!
I had a pleasant trip, and now just memories are pasing in my mind!!!
Enjoy Milano with my photos dear friends!!!

Sincerely yours and with a great love Elenia*(my name in italian lanuguage)

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