"STYLE is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak" (Coco Chanel)"


Heya my lady birds! :)

when summer is comming, it becomes easier to shoot when outside the sun is shining bright like a diamond.
 I am more than happy to present new style inspiration this week, and some colorful shots.
 This  Promod sweater I have bought in Milan, when I saw it hanging on a mannequin I immediately thought that it would combine perfect with my unusual shorts!!:) As for my shorts, they are one of my masterpieces, and my own designJ. Once I started to work on them probably coming out from a joke, but I was merely surprised when seeing this gorgeous result! I hope you like it!
How about colors? neon accessories can be an effective addition to your wardrobe, so it was the same in my case, because this shorts ask for something according to their crazy style!!
This outfit is more edgy than the usual ones I'm publishing, although I love dressing up girly I also have days when I love being more of the "rock 'n roll girl".
                                                                               See you soon… Your Hellena!