"STYLE is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak" (Coco Chanel)"


                              Heeyaaa my lovers,

My dress is made with  many flowers of chamomile and is a real treasure for me, because it is ranked on the leading positions in my wardrobe! Zara is always surprising me with new collections full of real masterpieces.  Acknowledgement for Zara.
For this outfit I chose warm colors that are leading me to a beautiful painted dream, which made me more than refined.   You must have already noticed my huge crush for dresses, sincerely I have a multitude of different kinds of dresses!
What about this architectural place where I posed with a big pleasure! It belonged to a grain merchant, he amassed considerable wealth, and was rumored at the time to be the wealthiest man in the Balkans – Manuc Bey.  In 1803, he was awarded the boyar rank of paharnic by Constantine Ypsilanti, Prince of Wallachia.  Manuc-Bey kept the inn known today as Manuc's Inn; in time, he also acquired estates in Bessarabia, near Hînceşti and Reni, and was to remain the main financial backer of Ypsilanti, lending the treasury 160,000 thalers at all.
Towards the end of his life, he retired to his estate of Hîncești, where his son later built a manor house. I can say with a great pride that this historical place is located in my hometown. This castle reminds me my interesting childhood and middle school years, when I and my friends, after lessons, did on sherlock holmes J we were looking for legendary treasure which as they said in history,  are hidden in the underground tunnels that are unfortunately devastated for many years ago.  After we took pictures, my photographer was overwhelmed by emotions, he did not refrained and took me to see the wonders of abandoned houseJ. It was scary but I was  really impressed by the multitude of rooms in which were kept many old objects. Unfortunately it is a damaged house, and we - two persons who watched all the five movies of Final Destination were for real terrified JJJ.
I hope that the public state forces will contribute on the renovation of this internationally valuable object, because  truly is one of the most amazing places of Moldova, and when I will have my own children I wish I could show them  the new renovated castle.
                                                                                                         With big history love Hellen

    Wearing: Rena Lange jacket*Zara dress*Buenos Aires shoes*Girovita belt*H&M accessories*