"STYLE is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak" (Coco Chanel)"


several people tell me that the perfect style for me is retro, and I support this idea because I feel really good in this given style. Today I came back from my exotic vacation and I was in Bergamo, one of the oldest city in Italy and one of the most beautiful full of mysteries and rich history. The city is divided into 2 parts, upper town (citta alta) and lower town (citta bassa), upper town is the old town, the entry in upper town is exquisite edifice and consists of 3 gates which where closing in ancient times at 10 PM, after a long sound of bells for announcing people leaving there to come back home. People shut up in upper town to defent the enemies. City looks like a real shelter with one of the most beautiful architecture.
When I'm here I like to study history and especially the wonders of Bergamo.
I hope you like my retro outfit made for the Bergamo streets!
                                                                                                  with pleasure Hellen
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