"STYLE is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak" (Coco Chanel)"

Valentino Skirt

Hello my jewels, 
This May month is going to be pretty busy for me because in the end four exams are waiting for me..brrr it’s frightening.. but like I told initially, I can not live without new outfits
So,this Valentino skirt is one of my favourite ones ,starting with it’s amazing colour ,it’s smoothy texture and eventually, from my point of view, I look well dressed.
This  retro style of Gucci shoes makes me a little bit different  than I am always looking, but I like them so much!
 Shoeeess !!! This is another thing that I love so much  and actually it is a guilty pleasure.
I think that I am  really crazy about beautiful and various shoes. The result of this sickness is a house with all closets full of footwear:).
Since I was little I noticed my big love for shoes. My dolls had several pairs of shoes than clothes! I think the problem is that  I've grew in an environment where shoes have a high importance in daily life. I am super excited to talk to you about this thing but I have to do a lot of things today! See you soon.

                                                                  A lot of kisses from yours Hellena! Muah*

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