"STYLE is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak" (Coco Chanel)"

Only Flowers

I want to start this post with telling you about my passion for flowers! At my lovely home I have a beautiful garden designed by myself. Since I was little I liked to talk to flowers. I used to have a various type of species of flowers, I liked to get up early in the morning  and see how are my darling blossoms flourishing. I was so happy then, because I was  bathed in sunlight and in the morning dew, carefree, thoughtless, just like a sweet child who greatly loved flowers.
Well, it’s enough about my childhood J This outfit is so florid. I like it enormously, even I say that it caches your eyes!
These pictures I made are so grassy, full of emotions, sun and of big cheerfulness. I wanted the photos to look like a story, because the place where I posed was truly from fairytale!
                    See you soon ..                                                              
                                                          Xoxo Hellen
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